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12: Other Vehicles 

details                              yyyy-mm-pp
Pattison Golf Tractor. 1995-10-8&9
Peter Longden's Speedster.  1990-9-1&2
Fangio's First Racing Car.  1996-6-24&25
Dealer's Mileage in GB & N.Ireland.   1996-6-10&11
Allan Taylor Tractor. 1995-12-28
Allan Taylor 'Fabricator'.  1995 10-24&25
1904 Orient Buckboard. 1996-2-10to12
Pattison Tractors.  1996-2-28
The Fordette Limousine.  1998-4-12&13
A Most Unusual 1931 English Saloon.  1998-8-15,18&19
Model A with Ford Cosworth Engine. 1999-2-26
The Hylander Marine Conversion. 1995-2-19to21
Floating 'B'.  1996- 6-26&27
Ford in Europe. Short History pt1 1999-8-8
Ford in Europe. Short History pt2 1999-10-8to14
Model A becomes Duesenberg ? 1999-2-18
"Fore" Model A Tractor.  1999-6-8
Used cars on the road Model ‘A’ v Austin. 2001-6-11
Road Peitenpol Air Camper. 2005-6-13,15&18
Russian Model A's. 2007-10-15to17
The Ford Fourteen. 2011-4-14
Allan Taylor Ford 'Golf Tractor’. Conversions 1920-1938(?).  2013-8-16to20
Renovating a 1934/5 Allan Taylor Ford Conversion 2014-3-14,15,18to20,22to24&27
The Allan Taylor Tractor Ford Conversions 1920-1938:  2010-7-33to35
Rivals to the Ford Model ‘A’ 1927-32 part1.  2018-8-16&17
Rivals to the Model ‘A’ Ford part 3.   2918-12-14 &15
Rivals to the Model ‘A’ Ford part 2.   2018-10-16&17
Rivals to the Model ‘A’ Ford part 4.   2019-2-16&17
Rivals to the Model A Ford v the Hillman Wizard.  2019-10-14&13  
Rivals to the Model A Ford- the Austin 12/6 Harley Saloon. 2019-12-14&15 
Rivals to the Model ‘A’ Ford v The Morris Oxford.   2019-8-14



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