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Model A Ford Club of Great Britain

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***BEWARE.****. There have been several attempts by a scammers visiting this website and offering parts for sale... at other times the scammer emails seeking to buy a car or engine. Usaully   the email does not usually include any  contact phone number or address.  These sort of scams are well known throughout the world.... Make sure of the legitimacy of  offers to buy (or sell) before going through with any  deal***




FOR SALE Ford Model A Tudor,  £10,500  LHD. USA made. Imported from Holland several years ago where it was reconditioned to original standard. Bodywork and chassis good with only superficial defects. Interior refurbished in beige cloth. Engine and gearbox good. Brakes OK but handbrake needs adjusting. Steering requires adjusting, Tyres good, Has trafficators and flashers, 6 volt electrics. Has been used for filming Murder on the Orient Express and there is potential for this type of work. Complete with a few spares and photocopy of original US handbook and Les Pearson's Beginners Guide. For more details and photos call John on 07713 166231 or email


WANTED  Ford Model A 21 inch wheels in serviceable condition.Please call Bill on
07973501106 Or Somerset

FOR SALE  I have a stock of Model A parts that I'm looking to clear out. They are all mechanical parts and mostly ignition and water pump related. I have quite a few original distributor bodies rotors and caps, some including driveshafts. There are water pumps, pump bodies, packing nuts etc. And a box of ancillary mechanical spares. Email    and I will send pics and specifics/cost etc. I am based in Herefordshire for collection but I'll happily arrange postage.

FOR SALE Ford Model A  engine with spare cylinder heads. Will need some work. Contact for further info  0151 652 7368

WANTED   Ford Model A pickup (fixed head or convertible, RH or LH Drive), unmodified, and preferably in running but not concours condition. I am based in Devon, but willing to travel. Contact Anthony Barnett tel no 01884 855818 or email

WANTED   MODEL AA bell housing assembly, any condition considered. Also wanted  tuning parts, heads, carbs, ignition parts, what have you? Also looking for a Shroeder steering box for a sprint car project.    Or    phone Roger 01223 208434   or   07791045390


For Sale:   1929 Ford Model A Phaeton. Our RHD 1929 Ford Model A Phaeton is finally offered for sale. She’s not a concours show car, but she’s sound mechanically and bodily, she shows her scars, yet she’s not shy in company.      Any inspection and test drive is encouraged.   Located outskirts of York,   details to be obtained from Jim & Su’s son Mark.      Offers based on asking price of                                                     £15,499.00 contact  email 

WANTED: Model AA bell housing, any information on sourcing would be gratefully received. Al,       tel    07534 103303

FOR SALE  Ford Model A Coupe 1931. New upholstery inside and rumble seat, 12v neg with alternator, Temp gauge and new water pump,new rear leaf spring, All new steel brake drums,Steering all refurbished and new perches and shackles, Trunk , Fitted indoor car cover, loads of receipts.

Offers around 15K       M. 07768635443     email:          Bristol


FOR SALE    A selection of Model A Ford parts to include the following. Contact 00353868750235 for details and prices. Can be sold as one entire lot which would be preferable or indeed separately. Serious enquiries and realistic offers only please.

1. 14.9 Engine Block, Head, Crankshaft, sump.....other misc bits to go with this including pistons

 2. Large box of small miscellaneous Model A  parts including carb parts, misc body brackets and steering parts.

 3. Model A starter, Crown Wheel, two pinions.

 4. Miscellaneous Model A hubs, front and rear

 5. New 19" tyre and tube

 6. 24HP Model A  engine in cut down chassis, (approx three quarter length), been in storage approx 15 years, running, last run ten years ago, complete with starter, all ancillaries and gearbox.

 7. Rear Axle complete with radius rods, drive shaft and torque tube, all attached with two wheels to suit 24HP "A"

.......Not all parts listed as this is not an exhaustive list!!      Contact 00353868750235


FOR SALE. 1931 Ford Model A Coupe. Vehicle imported from USA in 2014. Carried out  necessary modifications; Indicators, additional rear light, some improvements to the brakes, master switch. Those aside, the vehicle is as imported.  Not enough of an expert to know whether all the features are authentic 1931, but the vehicle is in good working order and runs well. The vehicle is valued at £14,000, but would be willing to listen to sensible offers. We would be happy to arrange an inspection at a convenient time.  Contact Sandy on 07787333082


FOR SALE   Parts for Ford Model As.  Pair 28-29 Front wings need repair £150.Good pair of 28-29 Splash aprons £150 .Coupe or Roadster rear bumper support irons £50 pair

Front bumper support irons £20 pair.   Original 30-31 rad needs re core £50.   RHD pedals £50 pair.   Rumble or Dickey seat upholstered cushions, good condition £200 pair.  Front axle complete with radius arms, brakes and drums £300.    19" wheels from  £50 each.   RHD intake manifold £95. Rear Axle no brakes £750, Several brake cross shafts,      RHD Steering arms and drop arm £150.   Pair of Rear Backing plates include shoes,carriers, bands and all levers £150 14.9 B head £50, 24 hp B head £150, 24 hp A Head £100. Al;so Several Model A engines for rebuilds,various crankshafts ,cams etc,.  30-31 rear bumper cross brace £25. LHD intake manifold £25, 28-29 headlight bar £75 .Phone John 01189810874 mob 07927458835 



For Sale Dynamo Platforms. To solve the problem of fitting  a non-standard dynamo to my Tudor when I converted it to 12v I had manufactured  this sturdy platform which will accept any dynamo bracket. I assumed others have similarly struggled when fitting non standard dynamos or alternators so I've had have several of these platforms made. For sale at £10 each. (Picture on  left shows actual platform.) Contact George Jepson  01254 878675

FOR SALE    3.3 Model B engine , +30 thou bore, minor work to finish. Also for sale Weland aluminium  Model A high compression head,  ready to fit . Please call Trevor on on 07833 701064 for more information.


Wanted.  Looking to buy a Model  AA , restored or more than 50% restored. Please call 07492 442246 Trevor Ratcliffe.




RH Insurance.  For all your vintage and classic  vehicle  insurance needs 0333 455 2613 or click this link...   RH Insurance ....for more info.




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