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Model A Ford Club of Great Britain

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***BEWARE.****. We have had three reports of  scams that people have been sent;  the scammer emails seeking to buy a car or engine but the email does not usually include a contact phone number or address. On agreement of the deal he scammer requests that the shipping fee is included with the price; these sort of scams are well known throughout the world.... Make sure of the legitimacy of  offers to buy (or sell) before going through with any  deal***




For Sale Dynamo Platforms. To solve the problem of fitting  a non-standard dynamo to my Tudor when I converted it to 12v I had manufactured  this sturdy platform which will accept any dynamo bracket. I assumed others have similarly struggled when fitting non standard dynamos or alternators so I've had have several of these platforms made. For sale at £10 each. (Picture on  left shows actual platform.) Contact George Jepson  01254 878675

And here's a picture of the platform installed  with a dynamo   and fan belt  etc all fitted in situ.. A  very tidy solution. 

WANTED   A nice Fordor in good order. ( or what have you)  Contact  Bill  with details

WANTED  headlight bar wanted for 1930-31 A, ( curved type) , no more than £50 please . contact Paul on 07837838559 ASAP .

FOR SALE. Vast stock of Model A spares ... shown here in 2 lists .........

I would prefer to sell as one lot and would accept a sensible offer on that basis.... I need the space... This is a collection of useful running spares in new or serviceable condition that I built up when I  was  running  5 cars.


List 1: 1928/29 Model A spares                   Contact: Bill Cooper 07767861667 or

Price                      Description

100                         28/29 used 7 tooth LH drive steering column complete (roof), good condition

15                           28/29 used head lamp support bar in primer (rear shelves), good condition

30                           Pair NOS 28/29 hood shelves (rear shelves)

10                           Used 28/9 top hose water branch, good condition

1                              28/29 steering box gasket set

1                              Ditto

3                              New 28/9 Emerg brake clamp bolt and nut A2784

15                           Used  28/29 handbrake ratchet and pawl, serviceable condition

2                              New 28/29 St/Steel Rad apron mounting bolt set A-80022-S

15                           New 28/29 chrome dash

30                           Pair new kick plates  (embossed “Ford”)

1                              New 28/29 radiator cap seal

4                              New “ steering bush under” A-3576-CO

20                           New 28/29 “push type” dash lamp (Vintique)

30                           Excellent original 28/29 “push type” dash lamp with good nickel plating

32                           4 X new repro 28/29 hub caps

20 (lot)                  ice cream box 3: 2 X new window winder escutcheons, 1 x new window handle, 2 X s/h window handles

5                              small cardboard box: 1 X s/h closed car exterior door handle

                                In ice cream box 6:

Free                       New 28/29 headlamp bar to fender gasket

12                           NOS 28/29 handbrake pawl

Total: £346     Contact : Bill Cooper 07767861667    or


 List 2: Model A spares 1930/31 and common to all years    

Contact : Bill Cooper 07767861667    or

Price                                           Description                        

50                           Front spring spreader (bottom garage)

125                         30/31 2 tooth RH drive steering column without tube (roof)

50 (for 6)                               6 new / as new brake rods (roof)

5                              30/31 head lamp support bar surface rust

75 (for 3)               3 X s/h original type front brake drums c/w hubs and some s/h bearings ( top of shelves)

5                              New 30/31 speedo cable outer with damaged inner (top of shelves)

105                         Professionally rebuilt dynamo, bench tested, c/w pulley

95                           Professionally rebuilt dynamo, bench tested, without pulley

25                           Dynamo, c/w pulley, not tested

25                           Ditto

25                           Ditto

5                              Used sedan interior light, Fordor ?

5                              Ditto

15                           Used original 6 v coil with Ford script

20                           2 x new black 6 volt coils (Vintique)

5                              used  6v flasher unit

20                           New Borg and Beck type centre plate (US made)

5                              Used centre plate

10                           Used distributor

5                              Used shocker arm

20                           Used water pump

20                           Ditto

20                           Ditto

20                           Slip on hub puller ( groove type hub?)

5                              Gas line fitting kit

20                           3 X new Bendix springs

8                              4 x new bendix bolt / lock washer sets

20                           I new bendix assy

15                           Box of s/h bendix and springs some good                                                                                       840

10                           1 x 30/1 top hose water branch s/h good condition

100                         Refaced A cylinder heads

100                         Ditto

50                           A pair of NOS front spring perches

10                           1 pair used road spring U bolts with clamps and nuts in good condition

5                              Original pattern battery lead

10                           Used Canadian bumper clamp set, good

10                           New top clamp crew for open car roof  and s/h screen hooks in plastic box

3                              Used dynamo adj. Clamp

10                           2 x fuel sediment glass bowls

5                              Gas tank gauge parts 

5                              small box s/h brake springs

10                           small box s/h drive shaft bearings

10                           new modern rear engine seal (in small box)

5                              small box odd carb parts

5                              box used brake parts etc , more springs, bolts , nuts studs etc.....

20                           box sundry electrical parts

15                           Good used steering column bottom elec. Connector

5                              Used brake light switch

20                           Used pressed steel 4 blade fan with hub

20                           Ditto

5                              New chrome flex conduit for headlight wiring

5                              Ditto

5                              Ditto

40                           New wiring harness for steering column

40                           Ditto

10                           Used spherical plate good condition


20                           2 X sets differential gaskets and 4 X transmission gasket sets

2                              1 x 30/1 steering box gasket                                                                                                             538

15                           1X Steel/ asbestos/ steel coated head gaskets ( US manfacture)

10                           1 X New “ standard”  fibre type head gasket

25                           1 x new Felpro complete head and engine set

10                           1 x engine set (no head gasket)

In black plastic box (all new unless stated s/h):

5                              2 X Manifold stud sets

5                              1 x manifold nut and washer set plus 4 washers

1                              2 x generator pulley bolt and washer

5                              3 X 28/31 Emerg brake cam mounting set A-2644-S

15                           28/31 Emerg brake toggle lever A-2636-A

15                           Ditto

15                           Ditto

15                           Ditto

10                           1 x 28/31 orig style complete grease fittings set plated, A-353000-OR?

20                           Pair of left and right Emerg  brake toggles A-2643/2

20                           Ditto

4                              28/34 brake camshaft bush set (4) A-2227

4                              Ditto

4                              28/34 bushing for rear bracket (4) B-2227

4                              Ditto

10                           Rear brake camshaft B-2231-A

10                           Ditto

10                           Pair of hardened rear cams A-003-B

7                              Set of Emerg brake lever springs A2646/7

12                           Set 30/1 splash apron studs A-16528H

4                              Set shock arm bolts and nuts A18047-X

5                              Set bumper brace bolts A-17754-X

3                              Set St/steel headlight bar domed attachment bolts A13130-MBSS

10                           4 x 28/31 emerg brake cross shaft fish eye A-2865-A

10                           4 x 28/35 fish eye brake rod ends A-2466

2                              Pair dust caps for brake wedge A-2041-C

2                              Toggle lever pin set A-2633-S

5                              Bag of assorted domed and flat clevis pins plus another dust cap                                              292

2                              Set domed head clevis pins A-5003-P

2                              2 x D shaped back plate bolts with washers and nuts

5                              Set (4off) zinc plated bumper end bolts and nuts (6 inches long)

Free                        Half a new exhaust clamp with bolts

inside ice cream tub within black box

4                              Car set of 28/32 St/Steel tail light bolt s A-80038-S

2                              28/32 St/Steel dash rail screw and nut set A-80021-S

4                              28/32 St/Steel Windshield stanchion screw set A-37140-BS

4                              Pair 22/31 Wing nuts for open cars A-351000 or A-6013

4                              Ditto

2                              30/31 Rad apron mounting bolt set A-80024-S or A084G

2                              28/31 inst panel St/Steel screw set A-1106-S or A80014-SS

6                              Pair of 28/31 Headlight Rim repair kits A-13044-BS

2                              Pair of 29/31 carbon steel tail light to fender mounting bolt sets A-13471-MB

Separate cardboard box

50                           Pair new 28/31 repro headlight reflectors c/w halogen bulbs and elec connectors

White plastic box with blue lid ( new unless stated s/h)

10                           Set new radiator hoses 3020

3                              28/31 muffler clamp connector sleeve A-5252

12                           Used 28/31 bottom water connection tube for radiator c/w brass tap, excellent condition

10                           28/31 Radius rod ball clamp kit (cast type with rubber insert for worn ball) A-3440-RS

15                           28/31 Radius rod ball clamp kit (original type) A-3440-S

2                              New rim tapes

2                              Ditto

2                              Ditto

15                           New 28/29 cast SG iron water connection for head                                                                     158

5                              New rear number plate bracket A-13406-D

2                              New tail pipe hanger clamp bolt and nut set A-5256-B

White box with split lid

152                         Original “FM” type klaxon horn in ex. Condition (GOLD DUST!) plus repro mounting bracket for same ( 6 volts need an inline resistor added)

148                         Ditto without bracket

20                           New speedo cable complete (inner and outer) round end with key

7                              New speedo cable inner, square drive

8                              New speedo cable inner, round end with key

50                           New 30/31 reinforced fibre timing gear and matching steel gear for crankshaft

25                           New 30/31 new open car St/Steel interior mirror A-17681-SS

50                           New set of  28/31 wind wing brackets for open cars A- 18200-B

25                           New 28/31 new crankshaft pulley and spacer

9                              New 28/31 starting handle dog

2                              Pair new 29/31 number plate clamps

3                              New 28/31 engine sump plug c/w copper washer

3                              Ditto

10                           New 28/31 transmission shaft drive bearing

40                           New 28/31 spider joint for front Universal joint genuine Ford NOS)

5                              Set of 28/31 shell lacing

5                              Ditto

5                              Ditto

5                              Ditto

5                              Set of 30/31 cowl lacing

7.50                        New fan pulley for alternator conversion (larger fan belt section)

7.50                        Ditto

5                              New 29/31 chromed rear lamp mounting stalk

5                              New 29/31 painted rear lamp mounting stalk

2                              Pair 29/31 rubber mounting gaskets for above stalks to fender

1                              Pair  new rubber mounting gaskets headlamp bar to fender

1                              Ditto

1                              Ditto

1                              Ditto

1                              Set new 28/31 carbon steel headlamp mounting bar to fender bolts

1                              Pair of new 28/31 hood latch mounting gaskets

1                              Ditto

5                              Pair new 28/31 hood support brackets and rubbers A-16718-S

5                              Ditto

1                              28/31 Speedo snap ring B-17286                                                                                                     629

2                              Pair new 28/31 starter bendix bolts and lock washers

2                              Ditto

2                              3 X new 28/31 differential hsg drain plugs B-4030

7                              New 28/31 gearbox main shaft sealed bearing A-7065-LS

2                              New emergency brake handle clamp bolt and nut A-2784

3                              New steering sector bush A-3576-C 9 (fits 28 thru 31)

2                              New 2 tooth steering box gasket set A-035810-B

15                           New sector washer, steering box plates, rivets and seal with new SKF bearing  A-30579-W

2                              New 28/31 large transmission shaft nuts

2                              Ditto

1                              New 28/31 steering column anti-rattle rubber

1                              Ditto

1                              Ditto

5                              New 28/31 throttle linkage LH drive

5                              New 28/31 advance / retard linkage LH drive

1                              New 28/31 steering column anti-rattle rubbers

1                              Ditto

Free                        New door handle gasket

Wall cupboard 1

25                           New repro 6 volt screen mounted wiper motor (will need resistor in line)

10                           Used  6 volt screen mounted wiper motor

5                              Pair new wiper blades

5                              Ditto

1                              New 28/31 headlight mounting cup washer

15                           2 X new repro 30/31 hub caps

                                ice cream box 1:

10                           Various water pump packing, gland and shaft nuts                                                                        125

                                ice cream box 2:

12                           2 X new axle shims, 4 X new axle keys, 3 X good s/h axle keys, 2 X axle sealing washers, 4 X new castle nuts, 5 x new thick axle washer (useful, needed when fitting rear hubs)

                                small cardboard box:

2                              5 X door handle gaskets

                                small box:

2                              4 x new st/steel radiator apron screws

9                              Pair new 28/31 rear hub oil seals and new retaining rings for same

16                           New starter switch

16                           Ditto

10                           Used starter switch

10                           Ditto

1.50                        Zenith carb gasket set

1.50                        Tillotson carb gasket set

10                           1 X period orig style oil can

2                              2 X new 28/31 long cylinder head studs

5                              5 X new 28/31 short cylinder head studs

2                              1  new  28/31 RH drive pedal rubber

10                           Used 28/31 headlamp switch

5                              Used 31 fuel cap

5                              New 29/31 painted  rear lamp support bracket

free                        Used 28/31 muffler tube

60                           4 X new 28/31 dist caps ( large part)

2                              Set of 4 new 28/31 exhaust port gland rings

2                              Ditto

2                              Ditto

2                              New muffler gasket                                                                                                                             187

In cardboard box:

10                           Used  28/31 bottom column light switch, good condition

16                           New 28/31 starter switch

5                              New 30/31 stoplight switch

5                              Ditto

5                              Ditto

5                              New 6 volt flasher unit

2                              New headlamp bulb

2                              Ditto

2                              Ditto

1                              New 28/31 coil clamp

1.50                        Used 28/31 centre distributor cap

1.50                        Ditto

Free                        Used  28;/31 condenser

5                              NOS USA made dist caps

5                              Ditto

5                              Ditto

5                              Ditto

In ice cream box 3:

3                              3 x spare bulbs

In ice cream box 4:

1                              Pair of new 30/31 headlamp bar to fender gaskets

2                              Emergency brake bolt and nut set

2                              New starter rod

2                              Ditto

1                              New starter rod rubber

3                              New 28/31 headlight rim repair kit

1                              4 X new 28/31 headlight adjuster springs

5                              Set of new 28/31 hood corner rubbers

2                              Pair of new 28/31 number plate clamps

1                              Pair of used 28/31 number plate clamps

Free                        Used 28/31 clip for cable on engine water branch                                                                       99

1                              Set of new 28/31 bonnet latch rubbers

In larger plastic box:

15                           NOS 28/31 distributor base plate with new original type serviceable points

15                           Ditto

3                              NOS 28/31 rotor arm USA made

2                              Set of NOS plug connector strips

10                           NOS original style contact points set

3                              6 X new aluminium plug washers

1                              Used  28/31 distributor cap retaining clip

4                              NOS “Remax” condensers

4                              Ditto

3                              New rotor arm

Free                        Various s/h rotor arms

1                              New 28/31 distributor retaining screw with lock nut

Wall Cupboard 2:

Red box 1:

20                           Car Set (4) new 28/31 complete dog bones

Free                        2 X new spare rubber inserts for above

15                           28/31 new rear shocker arm

6                              12 new rubbers for original type shocker links

28                           Pair of original type shocker links

4                              New 28/31 radiator mounting set

15                           New aftermarket inlet air filter  (For LH drive)

15                           Ditto


Red box 2:

2                              Pair of used 28/31 front brake push rods

2                              Ditto

2                              Ditto

4                              8 x new 28/31 brake shoe roller pins A-2045-S

4                              8 x new 28/31brake adjuster shaft pins A-2027?

12                           Pair of new 28/31 brake floaters A-2051-F

24                           Pair of new 28/31 brake operating wedges A-2050

10                           NOS 28/31 brake lever (rear external)

10                           Ditto

10                           Ditto

10                           Ditto

9                              7 x new 28/31 large anti-rattle springs and 4 X new 28/31 small anti-rattle springs

Free                        Some nuts and bolts to fix above to car

9                              12 X new 28/31 brake shoe springs medium , 6 x new 28/31 brake shoe springs large and 4 X new 28/31 brake springs small

15                           6 X new 28/31 pairs split brake cross shaft bushes

5                              1 x new 28/31 solid  brake cross shaft bush

Red box 3:

20                           3 x used 28/31 king pins plus 2 X used thrust bearings to suit, all serviceable

80                           2 x new pairs 28/31 king pins plus one odd new king pin ( 5 total)

17                           14 X new 28/31 king pin bushes

12                           in cardboard box: 2 new 28/31 thrust bearings, 2 X NOS 28/31 cotter pins with nuts, plus 2 more nuts, shims and felts, s/h cotters and nuts                                                                            257

Total:  £ 3294    Contact : Bill Cooper 07767861667    or


Also ...For Sale   .radiators caps and thermometers :   a mint condition original / fully restored one in Nickel for a 28/29 and a New unused repro for a 30/31 car Contact: Bill cooper 07767861667 or



FOR SALE . 14.9 rear axler ebuilt by Belchers  all new parts, NOS ring and pinion, new shafts, bearings and oil seals at the cost of approx £2000 plus VAT    £1400.   New English data plates two left   £49 each.  Working Tire pressure gauge  £120.    Rear springs £100 each.  New seat springs (6) for Tudor £250.   1 X new exhaust   £150.  1929 English RHD AA truck 24hp 4 speed gearbox new body wood kit, new tyres front cowl with 2 doors new running broads and splash shields  with  V5    £7900.     6 X 1930/31 rads all for rebuild £45 each. Headlights bars both years £70 each.  2 x 6v horns  £125 each.  Headlights etc etc  I have many many model A Parts, here mostly here in Suffolk and some in USA please email me with your needs.Brian Bignell phone  01986895599 email

FOR SALE -    New never fitted 28-29 bonnet that fits fordor and cabriolet only , £175.  Also...ll parts to convert boot to rumble/dickie seat, upholstered cushions, hinges, step plates and grab handles £200,   Spare tyre bracket for Coupe or Roadster £35. 1930 Stainless rad shell £150.  

Several 19" wheels £60 each ,14.9 Model B cylinder head £50. 4 Universal Blackwall  500X19" Tyres 6 months old,only driven 100  miles, £350.Very good condition no cracks dents or welds, been on a car for  just a few years £750, Have several 14.9 engine blocks. Several Model A engines and one Model B engine for rebuilding. Good 24 hp Cylinder Head £100, 28-30 Hand Brake cross shaft £50.  . LHD Bell Housing includes pedals £75.  Front brake backing plates £10 each. 30-31 bumper cross bar £25. 14.9 intake manifold RHD £20. 30-31 front bumpers £75 each. LHD intake manifold £25.  All can be picked up from near Basingstoke or posted. Lots more please ask.  Parts can be taken to Gaydon for collection  Also....I am looking for a decent set of 21" tyres without age cracksPhone 0118 981 0874 or email at  John Cochran.


FOR SALE  24 hp ( 3.3 litre)  Model A engine. Emptying Garage so reluctant sale of 

Model A Ford Engine 25hp complete with fly wheel and clutch. Also cylinder head.Price negotiable .
Buyers collects either from Paignton in Devon or Birkenhead,Wirral Merseyside.
Contact Joe Hustwayte on phone; land line 01516527368  mobile 07495757713/ 07957826791,  or e mail 


For Sale. One early Model A Ford wheel (AR type)  21".  Very good condition having been stripped and powder coated black. Sensible offer please? 01531 890296

Wanted.  Millar/Cragar overhead valve cylinder head. I am looking to finish my Model B engine and if anyone has a Millar/Cragar overhead valve cylinder head ( example shown in photo to left) they feel like parting with or know of one I could persuade someone to sell to me it would be greatly appreciated . David Stonard 07967 965599 email 


For Sale 1929 Model A Woodie.  Imported from Arizona in 2010, registered in my name  as a 1929 Ford estate car. Full build file including plans from the original builder - the Woodshop teacher at the Arizona State Correctional Institute for Young Offenders. Loads of receipts. Interesting history. The two door body is American White Oak. New rear wings, new Firestone tyres, new wiring loom and ign set. Me and my dad John Charlton have been through it mechanically- excellent brakes runs quiet and smoothly, no leaks, doesn't get hot. Front wings f/glass ( good quality) original steel wings available.Car is in east Suffolk. £12500. Will consider partial trades up to a value of £4k for Model A parts/projects/Model B engines/British Motorcycles. Andrew Charlton tel 01502 740237  email

For Sale.  Model A parts ... 8 brake shoes needing linings £25, Battery holder £12, Flywheel with good ring gear (one clutch bolt broken off in its hole) £30, Air filter £10, Generator £50, Various other bits when I get them sorted out (distributors, Armatures and other electrical bits, steering bits, brake bits, steering column switch housing, odd engine and gearbox bits, new gaskets. Come and have a look. Collect near to Southampton. Might post small parts. Michael Hoyle 02380 879743 or

FOR SALE - Dynamo with cut out good condition £90,  exhaust manifold good condition £80,  Oil pump b6600u. a6656 . a6620.a6616.  a6623b  £50.  Fuel shut off valve brass a9189-a £25.     Radius ball kit [used] £18. Coupe rumble seat step up plate [new]  £10. Petrol glass sediment bowls 2 no £25 each. Clutch plate used but good condition £25. 1930 cylinder head very good condition £100. Set of pistons run smooth before removed £30.  Chrome gear stick good condition £40. Instrument panel 30/31 round speedo type new in box £40.  As above used good patina oval speedo type £20. spring type cable to distributor new  £10.  2 no head light reflectors 2 bulb type used £25.   2no  head light bucket inner steel rings a13010 bsr. £10. Starter motor good condition £90. 5no hub caps flat type a1130ss, good condition £55.  As above tatty but useable £20.  Crank shaft used but good condition with timing gear £100.  Rear spare tyre carrier good condition £60.  Distributor housing with points plate £40. Please contact Brian Davy 07973369792  home 01883740278


PARTS FOR SALE  - new 6v alternator u.s.made £100.  Windscreen wiper motors working [not model A ] £15 each. Used piston set including pins /rings £60.   Speedo round face [new decals included]£100.  Speedo oval face [new decalls included] £120.  Distributor case with lid £18. Spring for power cable to distributor £10. 4 inner tube linings new £30. Pair of original front fender brackets £55.  1928-1929 bonnet 1928/1929 13 louvre  bonnet brand new never been on car still in base metal never painted £500 [belchers price £740]. 53’ brake rods 5 no £25.  6v coil new £12.    also… wanted; Model A horn please call Brian on 07973 369792




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