Model A Ford Club of Great Britain
Model A Ford Club of Great Britain

The only external  difference between a small bore ( 14.9 Hp) engine and the large bore (24 hp) engine is on the left side of the small bore  engine there is a 1/2 inch "land"  beteen all cylinders 1 and 2     and cylinders 3 and 4  (as well as a  3/4 "land between 2 and 3)  . On the large bore there is only the 3/4 inch  "land" between cylinders 2 and 3., with NO land between the other cylinders .     

The small bore engine was produced primarily for the UK and some European countries where the road tax was very unfavaourable to the larger engine.

24hp engine  3.3.litre showiing absence of "land between cylinders 3 and 4. UK penny  shows size..

14.9 engine  (small bore engine) . penny adjacent to the land between cylinders 3 nd 4 

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